My philosophy is to help women restore their feminine vitality.  To unmask symptoms, leading to an increased understanding and appreciation of the female body; support the celebration and awareness of our individual cycles and learn how to take a holistic approach with whole foods, stress reduction and detox support.



Registered Holistic Nutritionist


My journey began with the common diagnosis of hormone imbalance.  When my doctors couldn't offer more than the pill,  I knew there was more to be done.  I decided to educate myself on the natural approaches to wellness and began to understand and really listen to my body. My hormone health improved, and my pain decreased using a whole foods approach; shortly after, I registered in holistic nutrition. Through continuing education and independent research I have become a passionate practitioner dedicated to hormonal and reproductive health. 

After years of working in popular Toronto restaurants, I redirected my love for food towards health, healing and home cooking. I became Registered in Holistic Nutrition through The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and continued to specialize in Hormone Health, Prenatal and Early Childhood Nutrition with a Certification from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

Through simple, everyday changes with a focus on delicious ingredients, you will be on the path towards healthy periods, vibrant skin, stable moods, increased energy, libido and overall balance.